solidworkss木工设计插件:swood for solidworks

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solidworkss木工设计插件:swood for solidworks

Designing and manufacturing woodworking projects requires a great amount of attention to detail. When it comes to bringing concepts to life in CAD, this means using dedicated woodworking features that require solutions specifically created for woodworking. This is especially important in the era of custom-made projects, when woodworkers must have strong modeling capabilities mixed with specific tools to address unique material and processing requirements

With SWOOD from EFICAD and SOLIDWORKS, woodworkers have the best design tools for meeting woodworking requirements. EFICAD, a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner since 2001, has invested in CAD/CAM solutions for the woodworking industry for more than 25 years. SWOOD, created specifically for woodworkers, provides a unique tool that manages woodworking projects from design to production. For SOLIDWORKS users, SWOOD provides material and panel processing needs as well as native features in SWOOD libraries for taking on edge banding, grain direction, and laminates. This removes the need to complete properties to create a BOM. SWOOD takes care of the process with a simple drag and drop. Further, when using SWOOD to create parametric furniture, custom rules can be used to ensure models will fit predetermined requirements with a few drag-and-drop gestures.

来自EFICAD的SolidWorks SWOOD,满足木工要求的最佳设计工具。 法国EFICAD,自2001年以来就是SOLIDWORKS解决方案合作伙伴,投身于木工行业CAD/ CAM解决方案的时间已超过25年。SWOOD,专门为木工提供了一个独特的工具,用于木工项目管理,从设计到生产。对于SolidWorks用户,SWOOD提供材料和板材加工需求以及在SWOOD库,原生提供的封边条,纹理方向,和层压板库。 SWOOD只需要通过简单的拖放。此外,使用SWOOD创建参数家具的时候,自定义规则可以用来确保模型适合与一些拖和拖放手势预定要求。
solidworkss木工设计插件:swood for solidworks

With SWOOD integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS, there are several pain points you will no longer need to address. These include the need to export drawings to DXF files, dealing with oversized systems that do not recognize multi-spindle drilling, programing all parts from scratch every time you make a change, and programing suction cups and beams before launching a program. SWOOD CAM embeds all of these technologies and provides SOLIDWORKS users with a fully integrated CAM system with nesting capabilities. In addition, as part of the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem, SWOOD can be used with other SOLIDWORKS solutions, such as SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Visualize to name two.

随着SWOOD直接集成到SolidWorks中,您有几个痛点将不再需要解决。其中包括必要的图纸导出到DXF文件,处理不识别多主轴钻床超大型系统,每次从头开始花时间编程,。 SWOOD CAM可以快速调整来确定自己的切割工具,将它们添加到图书馆,在后续的使用过程。因此创建数据库预定义的工具,进一步丰富木材加工策略可以使用现成的技术与木材加工库“拖放,并提供了SolidWorks用户使用排料功能。此外,作为SOLIDWORKS生态系统的一部分,SWOOD可以与其它SOLIDWORKS解决方案,如SOLIDWORKS PDM和SOLIDWORKSvisualize
solidworkss木工设计插件:swood for solidworks

Because of EFICAD’s long experience and collaboration with different CNC brands, a lot of post-processors are available, from G-Code to WOP system. SWOOD encodes full project assemblies at once and generates all the production documents (stocks list, hardware list, labels, costing, CSV or XML export for ERP).

由于EFICAD的长期与不同的数控品牌合作,有很多后置处理器可供选择,比如使用G-代码的WOP(面向车间的编程)系统。 SWOOD一次进行编码整个项目程序集和生成所有生产文件(股票列表,列表中的硬件,标签,成本,CSV或ERP XML导出)。

The most highly trusted CAD platform coupled with SWOOD suggests new design opportunities for woodworkers. The clearest evidence of this comes from the main European SOLIDWORKS resellers across more than 20 countries that have quickly made SWOOD the choice for customers in the woodworking industry.

solidworkss木工设计插件:swood for solidworks
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